Genuine Gemstone and Pearl Beaded Jewels

Lotus Sutra

''Set yourself free from restrictive patterns and play an active role in building the reality you desire.''

Ethereal Kezia



The healing power of crystals lies in their ability to act as channels for natural healing energy. We are drawn to gemstones because of the vibrations they awaken in us. The right gemstone will assist in healing emotional trauma, but you must be willing to practice radical self-care.

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Spiritual Protection

Black Obsidian is one of Mother Nature’s great expressions of her power. It activates the Root Chakra and protects on all planes, including the physical, auric, and spiritual. Black Obsidian is known to defend against spiritual attacks and serves as veil of protection. Wearing Black Obsidian will help you act with intention and understanding of your environment in order to protect yourself.

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Root Chakra / Protection

Associated with the Root Chakra, Tiger’s Eye serves as a protection talisman. This chatoyant stone is especially beneficial for keeping you safe on journeys; keep it in your car on a road trip or on your person during spiritual awakenings. This crystal grounds you in your personal power and keeps your energy centered on what truly matters. Tiger’s Eye will aid you to tap into the solar energies of strength and perseverance, which will fortify your protection and ensure that you are ready to face any challenge with a regal confidence and powerful defense.

Red Carnelian_edited.png


Sacral Chakra / Passion

Red Carnelian activates your Sacral Chakra and ignites a passionate energy within you. This fiery stone is ideal for anyone seeking to bring their passion into the physical world. If you are looking to get creative in your practice, Red Carnelian is the crystal for you, as it invigorates and supports innovation. Being in tune with this warm-toned chalcedony will motivate you to chase your dreams. Additionally, you will gain confidence and be able to take action towards turning your goals into accomplishments. Ideal for all types of creation, this stone helps you direct your carnal energies into beautiful expressions of your passion.



Solar Plexus Chakra / Power

The bright and electric hues of Citrine radiate a powerful energy associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra. It alleviates the hard work and discipline that may be required to live in your abundance. If you feel like your energy has been low lately, this stone is the one for you. It leads you on a path of self-discovery towards your personal power. Once you are attuned with Citrine and your inner strength, you become a master manifester. This crystal strengthens your will and enhances your imagination and problem-solving skills. You become almost invincible once you are in true balance with Citrine.

Green Aventurine.webp


Heart Chakra / Harmony

The vibrant color and energy of Green Aventurine activate the Heart Chakra. Known as the Good Luck stone, it secures generous blessings and divine balance in your life. There are very auspicious benefits to being in harmony with Green Aventurine. The more you work with this stone and become acquainted with its happy energies, the more you will attract positive opportunities and will be aligned with the frequencies of love and good fortune. As this crystal opens the Heart Chakra, complete harmony will be welcomed into your daily life and you will likely find yourself in serendipitous situations.



Throat Chakra / Expression

The blue waves of Sodalite submerge you in the art of expressing yourself. This mineral activates the Throat Chakra and encourages you to communicate your truth. This cerebral stone allows you to dive into your inner depths to illuminate your authenticity. Sodalite offers insight into your internal processes and your external world. As you connect more with this stone, self-expression and effective communication will feel natural to you. With incredible properties such as clarity and logic, this serene crystal will hold you down during even the toughest of Mercury retrogrades. It radiates a calming energy that promotes peaceful communication.

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Third Eye Chakra / Intuition

One of the Persian root words for Lapis Lazuli translates to Heavens. This is quite fitting as this stone activates your Third Eye Chakra. This noble blue stone will help you deepen your trust in your own intuition. Once you have begun to master your intuitive powers, you will reap great rewards such as self-efficacy, decision-making skills, and spiritual protection. This high vibrational crystal encourages you to communicate with your higher self. Lapis Lazuli has been a symbol of knowledge for thousands of years across various great civilizations. It affirms the importance of trusting your intuition and reinforces the need to consistently be on the quest for ascension and awareness.



Crown Chakra / Wisdom

Connected to the Crown Chakra, Amethyst attunes you with the Higher Power(s) you believe in. This spiritual crystal teaches you how to be receptive to all forms of wisdom and divine guidance. Once you become accustomed to the peaceful energies of Amethyst, you will begin to embody them yourself. The tranquil vibrations will radiate through everything you put your energy into, especially your spiritual practice. If you require a detox, this crystal will bless you with the power of discernment and the clarity to see what is serving you vs what is draining.